Chris Churay

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Name: Chris Churay

Role: Powertrain Team Leader

Hometown: Troy, MI

Major/Graduation: Mechanical Engineering / December 2016

Favorite activity outside of formula? Why? 

When I'm not at the shop I like to get outside and be active. My favorite activity to relax away from the work is to spend the day out on a boat, fishing.

Favorite part about being on the Formula Team and why?

My favorite part about being on the formula team is seeing the car come together for the first drive each year. It's exciting to get the opportunity to see all our hardwork pay off to have our very own race car driving around.

What made you get involved with the team?

I started just looking for an opportunity to get involved and get experience. I ended up getting hooked on the chance to fabricate and really have an impact on our own self-built race car. Now the coolest thing in the world is getting to see each drive after all the hard work and effort everyone put in all year.

Past Internships (Company, Year, Role) 

General Motors, 2014, Product Interface Engineering Intern

MSU Composites Vehicle Research Center, 2013, Undergraduate Research Assistant

What do you want to do after college? 

After college I would like to work in the automotive or aerospace industry. I would also like to spend my new found free time traveling the country and seeing new places.

Powertrain Team Leader
Chris Churay