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SR-20 (2019-2020)


This year's competition schedule has yet to be announced


SR-19 (2018-2019)


FSAE Michigan 2019

Overall: 40/108
Design: T8
Business Presentation: 21st
Cost: 56th
Acceleration: 8th
Skidpad: T63
Autocross: 14th
Endurance: DNF
Fuel Efficiency: 40th

FSAE Lincoln 2019

Overall: 38/76
Design: T15
Business Presentation: 17th
Cost: 31st
Acceleration: 2nd
Skidpad: 15th
Autocross: DNA
Endurance: DNF
Fuel Efficiency: NA

Pittsburgh Autocross Shootout 2019

Overall: 3rd

Toronto Autocross Shootout 2019

Overall: 3rd
Driver's Championship: 2nd


SR-18 (2017-2018)


FSAE Michigan 2018

Overall: 31/114
Design: T17
Business Presentation: 87th
Cost: 22nd
Acceleration: 24th
Skidpad: 26th
Autocross: 4th
Endurance: DNF
Fuel Efficiency: 40th

FSAE Lincoln 2018

Overall: 2/67
Design: 2nd
Business Presentation: 37th
Cost: 11th
Acceleration: 13th
Skidpad: 15th
Autocross: 5th
Endurance: 2nd
Fuel Efficiency: 19th

Toronto Autocross Shootout 2018

Overall: 3rd


SR-17 (2016-2017)


FSAE Michigan 2017

Overall: 35/109
Design: T18
Business Presentation: 8th
Cost: 22nd
Acceleration: 2nd
Skidpad: 11th
Autocross: 9th
Endurance: DNF
Fuel Efficiency: NA


SR-16 (2015-2016)


FSAE Michigan 2016

Overall: 5/115
Design: 6th
Business Presentation: 24th
Cost: 67th
Acceleration: 1st
Skidpad: 14th
Autocross: 10th
Endurance: 5th
Fuel Efficiency: 52nd



*for results prior to 2016, please refer to the official FSAE results page*