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Digital Coronavirus Detector Partnership with Parsons

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Fraunhofer USA CCD has partnered with Parsons to develop and commercialize a Digital Coronavirus Detector. This device will be a diamond electrode biosensor that is aimed for rapid detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Synthetically manufactured diamonds have become an attractive and versatile ‘platform material’ to develop new products in the semiconductor, sensor, water treatment, abrasive and manufacturing markets. Diamond material is not just exceptional in its harness, insulation and optical transmission characteristics, but its capability to be customized for various end-customer uses and applications. The fundamental physical properties of (synthetic) diamonds allow for an extraordinary step-up in performance and end-use flexibility while also opening markets for developing novel bio-sensing products for rapid and reliable detection of infectious diseases and pathogens which could not be analyzed on traditional electrode surfaces such as Au and Pt. 

More information about this program and Parsons can be found here. The full press release about this partnership can be seen here.