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Diamond electrode biosensor that is aimed for rapid detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
PFAS compounds are very difficult to break down. However, MSU-Fraunhofer is researching a specialized way to destroy PFAS in contaminated wastewater using electrochemical oxidation with boron-doped diamond electrodes.
DREaM will exploit new materials and novel device structures to create RF transistors
Diamond Semiconductor Devices
Diamond is a unique material with multiple superlative properties, including unmatched thermal conductivity, high charge carrier mobilities, and high electric field breakdown strength.
Diamond Micro Electrode Array
Boron-doped diamond electrodes – tailored to customer requirements
MSU students designed a system for monitoring diamond polishing using audio signals.
Tool Life Graph
Tool Life showed 300% increase with Fraunhofer USA CCD ceramic coating.
DLC coated Engine Parts
A variety of Diamond like Carbon coated engine parts for reducing friction and increasing overall efficiency
DLC coated transit bus windshield secion. Left half of sample is uncoated.
DLC coated transit bus windshield section. Left half of sample is uncoated.