Please contact a proctor BEFORE submitting this form to be sure they can accommodate your course exam dates. Students are encouraged to complete this request early in the semester to allow time for proctor verification and approval. Please submit this form no later than week three of the semester. 

The options available for having an exam proctored are:

  • The Michigan State University Testing Center (
  • A testing center from the National College Testing Association (NCTA) (
  • A proctor of your choosing who is one of the following:
    • Local college or university faculty member
    • Test administrator at a professional testing center
    • Librarian at a public or school library
    • Military officer (only for members of the military and their spouses)
    • Corporate education coordinator or human resources representative at your place of employment

Depending on the option you choose, there may be a cost per exam. Students are responsible for this fee.


Please complete the proctor approval form below to identify a proctor for your online course exam(s). Your department will verify and approve each proctor requested to determine if the requested proctor is acceptable. If approved, you and your proctor will receive an email notification confirming the proctor has been added to the MSU Engineering Proctor Portal, and will include links to the Student Responsibilities and Proctor Responsibilities pages. Please make arrangements with your proctor to schedule your exam(s).

*Please allow 5 business days for proctor approval. Business days do not include weekends.

*Your department is under no obligation to approve every proposed proctor. Proctors will only be approved if they meet the proctor guidelines. Please do not submit a proctor request for people who don't fall within the guidelines. If it is unclear whether the proposed proctor meets the proctor guidelines your department associate chair will decide whether the proctor is approved.

Department of Program
ME Courses
ECE Courses
CE Courses
Special Accommodations
Do you require special accommodations?

If special accommodations are needed, have you contacted the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities ( You will have to contact RCPD if you need extended time or any other accommodations before they will be approved. You can contact RCPD at their contact page ( or call (517) 884-RCPD (4-7273).

*Your Instructor will also need to contact your department graduate secretary and let us know of RCPD approval so that we can proctor your test correctly or forward that information to off-campus Proctors.

Proctor Information
Please select your Proctor's title from the list below: (only those who currently hold one of the titles below are eligible to be proctors)
(If you are using a Proctor overseas, it must be at a University or another Testing Center. We will not approve your proctor if we cannot locate them in a campus directory or validate that they work in a Testing Center. If your exams are all on D2L and you have a good internet connection, we may be able to have you take the exams by using a 3rd party vendor. There will be an additional fee for this. )
Proctor's Organization/Business Address
Academic Integrity Agreement
Before you submit the form you must read and agree to Michigan State University’s Academic Integrity Policy ( 
Before you submit the form you must read and agree to Michigan State University’s Academic Integrity Policy (