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Welcome to the Polymer Engineering Group at MSU!

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Polymer EngineeringResearch Overview

In our group, we leverage polymer physics and chemistry to design, synthesize, characterize, and optimize materials that overcome engineering challenges in the broad areas of energy, environment, and health. We take a holistic approach to materials design; we develop and utilize novel polymer synthesis techniques to tailor macromolecular chemistry, architecture, and composition in order to understand and tune interactions between polymers, small molecules, solvents, and nanoparticles in an effort to optimize material properties relevant to a particular application.

Outreach Overview

As members of the scientific community, it is imperative that we work to improve exposure to and understanding of scientific concepts among the general public. As such, the Polymer Engineering Group at MSU works within the greater Lansing area to provide research opportunities, scientific demonstrations, and mentoring to local K-12 students. Check out our outreach page to learn more!

Inclusivity Statement

The Polymer Engineering Group at MSU is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion that values, respects, and welcomes all individuals. We firmly believe that diversity, and the unique perspectives and experiences that it brings together, is vital to the generation of transformative research and to the health of science as an institution.



Group Members

Robert C. Ferrier, Jr.
Principal Investigator

Research News

Robert Ferrier
Robert C. Ferrier, Jr. joins the faculty in the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department at MSU!