BME/IQ Speaker: Debajit Saha, PhD

Event Date/Time: 
December 11, 2018 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
IQ Atrium (775 Woodlot Dr)
Debajit Saha
Chemical Sensing in Biological Olfaction: from Neural Computation to Bio-robotic

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Develop neural engineering and brain-computer interface (BCI) techniques to address how population neuron responses shape associative learning, decision-making, and stimulus identification in real time. Apply the brain-behavior connectivity knowledge towards biosensing in natural environments. Develop bio-robots that hijack the biological chemical sensing and information processing capabilities towards medical and environmental applications (forward engineering). Identify nano-neuroscience approaches for noninvasive control of neural responses in the brain. Develop tools necessary to design navigational systems for remote sensing purposes using nano-neuro technology. Identify nanoparticle transport and nano-neuro interaction mechanisms in the olfactory sensory pathway.