BME/IQ Speaker: John Seymour, PhD

Event Date/Time: 
December 6, 2018 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
IQ Atrium (775 Woodlot Dr)
John Seymour
Soft Sensor Arrays for the Peripheral Nervous System

Most of us assume the brain is the last frontier and the physiology of the body and various organ systems have been established knowledge for some time. The peripheral nervous system, however, is still largely unmapped which limits our ability to treat disease with medicine or bioelectronics. For better or worse, bioelectronics is a rapidly growing treatment method for dozens of disorders whose mechanism of action is still unknown. Dr. Seymour will present his research on ultrathin and ultraflexible high-density sensor and stimulation arrays to map the peripheral nervous system and interface organs in novel ways. The stiffness and the size of our sensors matter, and his work demonstrates novel ways to make minimally invasive tools for nerves, spinal cord, and organs. This line of research may ultimately lead to a new generation of neuromodulation devices.