Bioethics Public Seminar

Event Date/Time: 
October 16, 2018 - 11:00am
Event Location: 
Atrium, IQ Building (Bio Engineering Facility, 775 Woodlot Dr.)
Jon Tilburt, MD
Producing Data & Drawing Distinctions: Two Strategies for Promoting Better Bioethics Conversations

Ethical questions in the life sciences can seem too difficult to answer. Attempts to do so seem like little more than expressions of irrational subjective feelings. This complexity and subjectivity mean the people for whom those questions are most relevant (scientists and healthcare professionals) avoid them or conclude that further conversation about them would not be fruitful. Bioethics at its best is a multi-disciplinary field of inquiry that brings together different perspectives in conversation about complex questions and seeks to clarify genuine disagreement as well as common ground about what is good, right, and fair. Dr. Tilburt, a physician, researcher, and ethicist from Mayo Clinic will illustrate the crucial role of these strategies in promoting better bioethics conversations.


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