Welcome to the Michigan State University Engineering Student Councils (ESC) website!

Welcome to the Michigan State University Engineering Student Councils (ESC) website!

The Engineering Student Council acts as a governing student body within the College of Engineering. ESC’s main function is to bring together all of the engineering student organizations in order to act as a liaison between the student body and the faculty. We accomplish this by working closely with the Deans of the College of Engineering and by putting students on boards where they will have a chance to have their voices heard. These councils include the Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee, the Engineering College Advisory Council, and others.

ESC’s secondary function is to act as an aid for other student engineering organizations. In our bi-weekly meetings we bring together representatives from all student engineering organizations so that we can collaborate on events that will help strengthen our college. We also act as a calendar, so we don’t have multiple organizations all running events at the same time. This is an especially usual feature during Engineers Week.

In the past, ESC has traditionally hosted several events over the school year including O-night, hosting free cider and donuts on Halloween, and Dean’s socials. We also give back to the community by hosting an event at the Impressions 5 Children’s Science Museum in downtown Lansing. This event has been so successful in the past that ESC has won awards through the National Association of Student Engineering Councils for its efforts in community service.

As ESC moves forward, we hope we can expand on our previous successes by hosting more events and offering more services to the College of Engineering such as continuing the Student Organization Corporate Council and creating a President’s Round Table. We have also added a brand new Members at Large position this year in hopes of expanding our capabilities as an organization.

On our site you will find information regarding our organization, meetings, events, how to contact us, and more. Please feel free to navigate through our site and contact us if you have any comments or concerns.