Welcome to the College of Engineering's College Admission Application system. Applications for admission are collected throughout the semester and are reviewed during the week after final exams. Students are then notified via email through the Confidential Message System (see Stu-info for messages from the Confidential system).

DO complete an application if you wish to major in engineering and you are:

  • A sophomore engineering student who will reach junior standing (56 credits) at the end of the current semester and want to select a different first choice major, or a second or third choice major.
  • A junior or senior engineering student who wishes to major in a different engineering major.
  • A junior or senior, non-engineering major.

DO NOT complete this application if you are:

  • A freshmen or sophomore of any major and you will not have attained 56 or more credits at the end of this semester.
    • Freshmen and sophomores are free to change their major at any time. Simply visit the appropriate UUD Office to change your major.
  • A student of any major or class and you wish to complete a second degree in engineering. Please see the appropriate academic advisor of the second-degree major.

Admission requirements may be reviewed at

If you have questions about admission, please see one of our academic advisors. Advisor contact information may be found at

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