Potter Park Zoo Activity

On November 5th 2018, the Enivironmental Engineering Society visited the Potter Park Zoo as a club activity event. In fact, the club even paid for the event. The Zoo was having an even called the Pumpkinfest where the animals were fed pumpkins at different times of the day. It was a great time seeing otters, tigers, and lemurs trying to figure out how to eat the pumpkin. 

Potter Park zoo pumpkin tiger

Remodeling at the Helping Hands Care Center

On November 11th 2018, the MSU Environmental Engineering Society helped the Helping Hands Care Center remodel the interior. The Care Center provides help for individuals with disabilities of all ages. Our club was tasked with repainting the interior of the center. It took us six hours, but it was worth it not only because they gave us free pizza but because of the honor to help our local community.






More events coming soon!

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