ECE Pulsed Laser Sputtering/Cutting System


Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is a thin film deposition technique that is used to deposit materials onto substrates with minimal setup. A base system consists of a target manipulator and a substrate carrier which is mounted in a vacuum chamber. An excimer laser is used to energize the surface of a target to produce a deposition plume. The plume is typically directed towards the substrate where a thin-film is deposited. Since each shot of the laser is directly related to the amount of material ablated, the deposition rate can be calibrated and controlled very precisely.

Pulsed laser deposition offers many advantages over other thin film deposition techniques. The technique normally produces a film with the same composition as the target. PLD can also be used to deposit almost any material.


Typically applications might be Multiple Component Complex Oxides, Multiple Component Complex Oxides, Multiple Component Complex Oxides' Multiple Component Complex Oxides, or MEMS.

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Equipment is Located in B20 Engineering Research Center. Please email if you have any questions