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Cadence is a premier developer of integrated circuit CAD tools. The company was established in 1988 and currently has over 5,000 employees. The world headquarters is located in San Jose, CA.

Some of the Cadence software tools that student typically come into contact with include Virtuoso, NCVHDL, NCVerilog, Silicon Ensemble, and BuildGates Extreme.

Currently the Cadence tools are used in the following ECE courses:
ECE230 -- Digital Logic Fundamentals
ECE410 -- VLSI Design
ECE411 -- Electronic Design Automation
ECE412 -- Introduction to Mixed-Signal Circuit Design
ECE813 -- Advanced VLSI Design

In order to obtain help with the Cadence tools, please contact one of the following people:

Dr. Andrew Mason, Associate Professor
1217 Engineering Building
Please e-mail to arrange for an appointment.

Brian Wright, ECE Technical Services Supervisor
3231 Engineering Building
Please e-mail to arrange for an appointment.

Fred Hall, UNIX Administrator
1125 Engineering Building
Please e-mail to arrange for an appointment.

It is IMPERATIVE that you do not contact Cadence directly. Dr.Mason, Brian Wright, and Fred Hall are your immediate contacts. They can only contact Cadence, as needed.

The Custom IC Bundle Software Reference List:
Design Environment
Virtuoso Simulation Environment 206 IC615
Virtuoso AMS Designer Environment 70000 IC615
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment - XL 95210 IC615
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment - GXL 95220 IC615
Virtuoso Analog VoltageStorm Option

Design Entry
Cadence SKILL Development Environment 900 IC615
Virtuoso Schematic VHDL Interface 21060 IC615
Virtuoso Schematic Editor Verilog Interface 21400 IC615
Virtuoso Schematic Editor - XL 95115 IC615
Virtuoso Analog Oasis Run-Time Option

Virtuoso Layout Suite - GXL 95321 IC615
Cadence Chip Assembly Router

RF System-In-Package (SIP)
Cadence SiP RF Architect XL SIP410 SPB165
Cadence SiP Layout XL SIP225 SPB165

Virtuoso EDIF 200 Reader 940 IC615
Virtuoso EDIF 200 Writer 945 IC615
Cadence Design Framework Integrator's Toolkit 12141 IC615

Physical Verification
Dracula Graphical User Interface 365 IC615
Dracula Physical Verification and Extractor Suite 70520 IC615
Diva Physical Verification and Extractor Suite 71520 IC615
Assura Design Rule Checker 72110 ASSURA41
Assura Layout vs. Schematic Verifier 72120 ASSURA41
Virtuoso QRC Extraction - L QRCX100 PVE111
Virtuoso QRC Extraction - XL QRCX300 PVE111
Virtuoso Advanced Analysis GXL option QRCX310 PVE111
Cadence QuickView Layout and Mask Data Viewer K2200 PVE111
Cadence Physical Verification System Design Rule Checker XL 96210 PVE111
Cadence Physical Verification System Results Manager 96240 PVE111
Cadence Physical Verification System Constraint Validator 96300 PVE111
Assura Graphical User Interface Option 72140 ASSURA41
Assura Multiprocessor Option 72150 ASSURA41
Pcell Generator PASPCG PAS31
Graphical Technology Editor PASGTE PAS31
Generator for Assura compatible verification decks PASASG PAS31
Generator for Diva compatible verification decks PASDIG PAS31
Generator for Dracula compatible verification decks PASDRG PAS31
Error Cell Generator PASECG PAS31

Circuit Simulation
Virtuoso Schematic Editor HSPICE Interface 276 IC615
Virtuoso Analog Design Environment - GXL 95220 IC615
Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator 38500 MMSIM111
Virtuoso UltraSim Simulator 33400 MMSIM111
Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation Power Option 91400 MMSIM111
Virtuoso Spectre RF Simulation Option for 38500 38520 MMSIM111
Virtuoso RelXpert 33580 MMSIM111
Virtuoso Analog HSPICE Interface Option 32760 IC615
AMS Designer with Flexible Analog Simulation 70020 INCISIV111
Virtuoso Multi-mode Simulation with AP Simulator 90003 MMSIM111

The Digital IC Bundle Software Reference List
Place & Route and Timing
Virtuoso Layout Suite - GXL 95321 IC615
Cadence Chip Assembly Router 3300 IC615

Design for Manufacturing
Virtuoso Power System L VPS100 IC615
Virtuoso Power System XL VPS200 IC615
VoltageStorm (transistor) VST1 ANLS62
Encounter Power System - L EPS100 ETS110
Encounter Power System - XL EPS200 ETS110
EPS Advanced Analysis GXL Option EPS201 ETS110

Signal Integrity
Encounter Timing System - XL FE725 ETS110
PacifIC Static Noise Analyzer for Custom Digital ICs CM00100 PACIFIC61
Encounter Timing System - L FE625 ETS110
ETS Advanced Analysis GXL Option FE830 ETS110
Encounter Library Characterizer- XL ELC200 ETS110

Silicon Virtual Prototyping
Encounter Digital Implementation System - XL EDS200 EDI110
Encounter Low Power GXL Option EDS10 EDI110
Encounter Advanced Node GXL option EDS30 EDI110

Architect Advanced Option to RC ET021 ET111
Encounter True Time Test Advanced ET023 ET111
Encounter Diagnostics Engine - XL ET009 ET111

Digital System-In-Product (SIP)1
Cadence SiP Digital Architect GXL SIP125 SPB165
Cadence SiP Digital SI - XL SIP215 SPB165
Cadence Chip Integration Option SIP625 SPB165

Formal Verification
Encounter Conformal - GXL CFM300 CONFRML111
Encounter Conformal Low Power - XL CFM500 CONFRML111

EncounterRTL Compiler - XL RC200 RC111
Encounter RTL Compiler - GXL option RC300 RC111
Encounter RTL Compiler with physical RC400 RC111
C-to-Silicon Compiler L CTS102 CTOS112

Chip Planning
Cadence InCyte Chip Estimator L CPS100 CICE42
Cadence InCyte Chip Estimator XL CPS200 CICE42
The Verification Bundle Software Reference List
Functional Verification
Incisive Enterprise Simulator - L 29610 INCISIV111
Cadence Simulation Analysis Environment (SimVision) 25010 INCISIV111
Verifault XL Simulator 26500 INCISIV111
Incisive Enterprise Simulator 29651 INCISIV111
Enterprise Simulator - XL Interface for MTI 29661 INCISIV111
Enterprise Simulator - XL Interface for VCS 29671 INCISIV111
Incisive Formal Verifier 23560 INCISIV111
Incisive Enterprise Verifier XL IEV101 INCISIV111
Incisive Software Extensions ISX100 INCISIV111
Virtuoso AMS Designer Verification Option 70030 INCISIV111
Cadence System Creator CSC100 INCISIV111
Cadence Software Developer CSD100 INCISIV111

Verification Process Automation
IncisiveTM Enterprise Manager EMG100 INCISIV111

Pre-verified, Re-usable Verification IP Components
Incisive VIP Portfolio VIP100 VIPP92

The Packaging & Board Bundle Software Reference List
PCB Design and Layout
Allegro PCB Designer PA3100 SPB165
Allegro PCB High-Speed Option PA3110 SPB165
Allegro PCB Miniaturization Option PA3120 SPB165
Allegro Design Authoring High-Speed Option PA1410 SPB165
Allegro PCB Routing Option PS3500 SPB165
Allegro PCB Librarian - XL PX3500 SPB165
Allegro 2 FPGA System Planner Option PA8250 SPB165

PCB High-Speed Analysis
AllegroR PCB SI XL PX3100 SPB165

IC Packaging
Cadence SiP Layout XL SIP225 SPB165

AllegroR AMS Simulator1 PS2200 SPB165

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