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Ansoft Designer
Ansoft Designer® is an integrated schematic and design management front-end for Ansoft's best-in-class simulation technologies, Nexxim®, HFSS™, Q3D Extractor®, and SIwave™. Ansoft Designer is the foundation for a highly accurate design flow that allows users to precisely model and simulate complex analog, RF, and mixed-signal applications and perform signal-integrity analysis and system verification of high-performance IC/package/board designs. This flexible, easy-to-use software includes schematic and layout capture, netlist generation, a planar electromagnetic solver (Method of Moments), and sophisticated data visualization and analysis tools.

HFSS Heading 3D Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation HFSS™ is the industry-standard software for S-parameter, Full-Wave SPICE™ extraction, and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of high-frequency and high-speed components. Engineers rely on the accuracy, capacity, and performance of HFSS to design on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects, antennas, RF/microwave components, and biomedical devices.

Nexxim®, Ansoft's circuit simulation and analysis software, delivers high-performance, high-capacity, transistor-level simulation for complex RF/analog/mixed-signal IC design and verification.
The software provides the transistor-level accuracy required to simulate sensitive analog and wireless front-end circuits and the robustness and capacity to address the diversity and complexity of modern mixed-signal integrated circuit designs.

Q3D Extractor
Q3D Extractor® is the premier 3D parasitic extraction software tool for engineers designing multi-layer boards, complex IC packages and 3D on-chip passive components. Q3D Extractor efficiently performs the 3D and 2D electromagnetic-field simulation required for the extraction of RLCG parameters from an interconnect structure and automatically generates an equivalent SPICE sub-circuit model. These highly accurate models can then be used to perform signal integrity analysis to study EM phenomena, such as crosstalk, ground bounce, interconnect delays, and ringing, and to understand the performance of high-speed electronic designs.

SIwave™ analyzes complex printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages prevalent in modern electronic products. The tool allows engineers to extract frequency-dependent circuit models of power distribution and signal nets directly from device layout (physical CAD) databases. Such circuit models aid in the identification of signal integrity and power-distribution network problems and are critical to designers seeking first-pass system success. An integrated DC IR drop computation module allows engineers to perform pre/post layout IR-drop verification to ensure that power distribution networks have the proper bump, ball, and pin sizes, as well as proper copper weighting. SIwave also helps mitigate electromigration concerns by flagging regions of high current density.

ePhysics™ provides the ability to couple thermal and stress simulation to Ansoft's industry-leading electromagnetic ® 3D or HFSS™. This combination delivers the multidisciplinary analysis framework needed to solve coupled physics problems and allows users to consider thermal, deformation, and mechanical stress consequences of respective electromagnetic field simulations in applicable devices, such as RF components, electromechanical devices, MEMS, and biomedical applications.