ECE Teaching Labs

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Michigan State University has 10 different rooms that house all our undergraduate laboratories. This is app 6,700 sq ft of space that houses 21 different courses. Most rooms have 2 or 3 lab courses running in them each semester. To accomplish this, each lab is setup to be completely self contained, meaning that each lab has all the equipment and parts in the lab for a full semester when each lab starts. Technicians check and restock the labs as needed during the semester. In the event of equipment failure the department has spare items for most equipment and they are just exchanged. Otherwise, technicians can repair most items in place between lab sections.

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Electrical test equipment and measurement fundamentals. Circuit and filter design using integrated circuit amplifiers.


Microcomputers/processor architecture. Assembly language programming. Parallel and Serial I/O. Interfacing, Interrupts, Peripheral device controllers.


Electrical circuits and instruments. Circuit laws and applications, frequency response, operational amplifiers, digital logic, counting circuits.


Microelectronic processing fundamentals and simulations. Comparison of current microfabrication technologies and their limitations.


CAD/CAM fundamentals, programmable controllers, numerical control, NC part programming, sensors, data acquisition systems.


Microwave networks. Scattering parameters. Coulomb's law, Gauss' Law and the wave equation. Antennas. Properties of antennas.