The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Override Request Form


  • Course is Full
  • Non-major wishing to take a course restricted to ECE majors
  • Lifelong Education Student
  • Course requiring Department Approval
  • A "Course Restrictions Not Satisfied" message often means that the prerequisites are not satisfied (or, more accurately, the computer does not know about a prerequisite you took, or will take, elsewhere). Check the course prerequisites on the Class Schedule (


  • The more sections you can list in your request, the better your chances are for getting a seat: "any" is the best choice.
  • Full courses with scheduled laboratories cannot actually be overridden due to the fixed number of lab seats, but an occasional seat becomes available which we will try to help you get in.
  • The University will occasionally provide funds to open extra sections, and we attempt to fill the new sections from the override requests first.
  • We will contact you through your e-mail account about your status in a section.

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