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Summer Undergraduate Research Academy (SURA)

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Summer Undergraduate Research Academy (SURA)

SROP summer undergraduate studentsThe MI-LSAMP Summer Undergraduate Research Academy (SURA) is hosted in collaboration with the Michigan State University Summer Research Opportunity Program (MSU SROP), the Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (EnSURE) and the Research Experiences in Mathematics (REM) program and is designed to provide a comprehensive research training and enrichment experience. MI-LSAMP SURA helps prepare undergraduate students for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors as well as academic enrichment activities. MI-LSAMP SURA helps undergraduate students gain experience to give them a competitive advantage as a graduate applicant by:

  • Intense research activities that broaden technical and presentation skills
  • Professional and academic development activities
  • Seminars that introduce students to a range of research fields across disciplines
  • Informal gathering for student and faculty exchange
  • Multiple opportunities to present research

Click here to download the current SURA application(.pdf)

The MI-LSAMP SURA consists of the following components or phases:

Research Prospectus (Abstract)

After the first week of working with a research mentor, participants are required to submit a prospectus (or abstract) of the research project. This prospectus will serve as the basis for the student’s summer program as well as help to keep the student on track with what they need to complete for their project.

Personal Statement

Participants are required to draft a basic personal statement that can be transferable to multiple institutions at the time of the graduate application process.

Curriculum Vitae

Undergraduate students should begin to develop a curriculum vita that details the accomplishments in their rising careers. MSU SURA participants are required to draft a CV. It is beneficial to all program participants to have a draft of a CV prior to arriving to the program.

Student Poster

A strategically planned and concise research poster must be developed for successful completion of MI-LSAMP SURA. MI-LSAMP SURA participants are required to present this poster at the CIC SROP Conference.

Student Presentations

Participants are required to do a 10-minute oral research presentation to successfully complete the MI-LSAMP SURA. This presentation will take place at the MSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium during the last week of the program.

Research Paper

Participants must submit a clear and concise research paper for successful completion of MI-LSAMP SURA. This paper must effectively present the finding of participants’ research, supported by relevant methods and literature. This paper is due on the last day of the program.

Statistics Camp (MSU SROP)

At the beginning of the SURA program, cohorts are engaged in a statistics immersion camp offered by the MSU SROP. This is statistics camp is offered in collaboration with the MSU Center for Statistical Training and Consulting. This workshop is designed to assess students’ ability and background in statistics as well as provide them with the statistical tools that will be necessary to complete MI-LSAMP SURA as well as benefit them in their future careers.

Chalk Talks (MSU SROP)

MSU SROP Talks are designed to help students stay on track to complete quality research projects. Each week, the cohort will convene and present the weekly findings of their research. This activity not only helps students stay on track to complete their project, but also engages them in the act of presenting their findings across disciplinary lines. These weekly meetings are in “chalk talk” format, where students are only allowed to use a chalkboard to explain their findings (no electronic aids or supplemental materials allowed).

Research Seminar Series

Weekly research seminars expose students to research across disciplinary lines. These sessions train students to assimilate research across disciplinary lines and ask pertinent questions outside of their respective academic disciplines. These weekly seminars consist of the work of MSU faculty, post‐doctoral researchers and graduate students.

Academic Enrichment Workshop Series

MI-LSAMP SURA provides professional and academic developmental workshops to give students the tools necessary to successfully apply to and complete graduate programs at intensive research institutions. The workshops presented throughout the program align with the program’s “GO GRAD” model.

Writing Enrichment Workshop Series

Effective writing skills are crucial to success in research. MI-LSAMP SURA participants are required to participate in a three part writing series, a collaborative effort with the MSU Writing Center, which will take them through multiple stages of the writing process. The goal of this workshop series is to help participates build the most effective research paper during their summer program as well as present techniques that are transferable to the remainder of their baccalaureate training and their future graduate careers. 

MI-LSAMP SURA Activities

Undergraduate Research Symposium

MI-LSAMP SURA participants are required to do an oral presentation to the MSU Community detailing the findings of their research. This symposium, held in collaboration with the MSU Office for Undergraduate Research features not only the work of MSU SURA and SROP participants, but also the work of other MSU summer undergraduate researchers.

MSU AGEP Community

The National Science Foundation funds the Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP). The primary goals of AGEP are to (1) significantly increase the number of underrepresented students (i.e., African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders) obtaining graduate degrees in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics disciplines, as well as the social, behavioral and economic sciences, and (2) enhance the preparation of these students for faculty positions at colleges and universities. MI-LSAMP SURA cohorts actively participate in MSU AGEP Community activities throughout the summer.

Networking Events

Through our multiple campus partnerships, MI-LSAMP SURA provides multiple forums for student and faculty exchange. Most of these programs, held jointly with the MSU Office for Undergraduate Research, allow MI-LSAMP SURA participants to interact with MSU faculty as well as other summer research participants across the campus.