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Scholars Program (DPO-SP)

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Scholars Program

The Diversity Programs Office Scholars Program was designed with you in mind!

The Diversity Programs Office-Scholars Program (DPO-SP) was designed to ensure the success of incoming freshmen students who have declared Engineering as a major.  Because curriculum is challenging, it is our goal to ensure that our students are well positioned for success.  To that end, we have devloped a program that starts with ESSA and officially ends when our students are admitted to the College of Engineering but, in reality, lasts a lifetime!

DPO-SP is the culmination of years of research, development and planning and it employs some of the best practices from programs across the country.  We are confident that it will lead to a surge in the retention of underrepresented students in Engineering at MSU. We are also confident that DPO-SP will allow us to help you ENGINEER your future!

What is required of students who join the DPO Scholars Program?

For students who declare Engineering and place into MTH1825 or MTH103, or are College Achievement Admissions Program (CAAP) students: Student of the LEAD program

  • Participate in the Engineering and Science Success Academy (ESSA)
  • Participation in the Leaders Encouraging Academic Development (LEAD) mentoring program
  • Course schedule building by the DPO during 1st full academic year
  • Enrollment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sections of math courses
  • Nightly recitation sessions, Monday - Thursday
  • Bi-weekly meetings with DPO staff