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Student Success Coaching

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Michigan State University’s Diversity Programs Office employs student success coaches who are undergraduate Engineering students. The success coaches are available to help students achieve their educational and professional goals. Using a strengths-based approach, our staff is focused on empowering students through one-on-one meetings and events to further develop students’ time management skills, study skills, professionalism, and other non-cognitive skills. They can direct students to important campus resources for assistance with test-taking, study habits, career planning and much more.

Success coaches are here to guide student along the way, but remember, students are responsible for making their own decisions during college regarding courses to take, which major(s) to pursue, and when to see an adviser. Students are responsible for keeping current with curriculum changes, including course schedules and progress towards the degree.

Where are you going?
What do you want to do?
And how can we help you to get there?


  • Academic consultation
  • Professional behaviors and skills
  • Practical skills
  • Academic workshops
  • Personal issues
  • Time management and goal setting
  • One-on-one weekly advising
  • Academic skills development workshops
  • Success coaching one-on-one meetings
  • Study tables • Virtual Guided Learning Center (GLC) Drop In Hours
  • D2L Resource Page (request access via email to

If you’d like to sign up for a success coach please reach out to

DPO Success Coach Team

Images of the current DPO Success Coach Team

Secrets to Success in Engineering Study