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Guided Learning Center

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GLC at a glance
  • Free support and resources for MSU students
  • Collaborative study space with access to computers and printing
  • One-on-One academic assistance available in various math, science, and engineering courses
  • Networking opportunities and access to scholarships
  • Over 200 students per semester utilize the GLC

The Guided Learning Center (GLC) is a resource for students, provided by the Diversity Programs Office in the College of Engineering. The physical Guided Learning Center space provides students with a collaborative learning environment, to study, host tutoring sessions, access technology, and build a sense of community. The GLC Academic Assistance (tutoring) program is designed to include supplemental instruction for undergraduate students, in various math, science, and engineering courses. This program is provided for students at no cost to them.

The Guided Learning Center’s primary focus is to offer academic assistance and support to underrepresented undergraduate engineering students, across all engineering disciplines, as well as, those students majoring in various STEM fields. Guided Learning Center (GLC) Academic assistance focuses on courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, as well as, a selection of core-engineering courses. The GLC Academic Assistance Program is designed to guide students through courses necessary for graduation, and to help them increase their educational skills and engineering professional progress at MSU.

Request Assistance

To request Academic Assistance, please visit our Tutor Request Page and follow the necessary steps to register and schedule an appointment. Currently, tutoring sessions are being offered in-person and virtually. Tutor requests are accepted throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Become an Academic Assistant

The Guided Learning Center offers paid and volunteer academic assistant positions. NOW HIRING for the Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 school year. 

Apply here to become an Academic Assistant.