Research for Students

Research for Students

Focus Areas

Be a part of multi-disciplinary research that makes a difference in our daily lives. A large fraction of work with College of Engineering researchers are in areas, such as:

  • Energy and transportation
  • Health services and Biomedical engineering                                                     
  • Materials and nanotechnology
  • Security: High-assurance systems/resilient structures/risk assessment
  • Sustainability

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Research Links

Student Research

There are ample opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate research here at the College of Engineering, most of which cost little or no money for the participant. With employers looking for more research started earlier, it is an excellent idea to get off on the right foot. The scholarship and fellowship lists are plentiful, all you have to do is apply!

For a list of Graduate Fellowships available, click here.

For Undergraduate Opportunities, click here.

Also, be sure to check out our individual department's research pages on the right for more information on specific projects and scholarships concerning your major.