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Fall 2014

Date                                              Speaker                                     Topic

October 7, 2014

CEER Presenters: 

Andy Anderson, Ph.D., College of Education - MSU

Teaching in Large Lecture Classrooms

October 14, 2014

Brian Mattes, J.D., MPH, Faculty Conflict of Interest Officer

Conflict of Interest

October 28, 2014

Roozbeh Dargazany, PhD., Civil and Environmental Engineering

New Faculty

November 4, 2014

CEER Presenters:

Claudia Vergara, Ph.D., Center for Engineering Education Research (CEER)

Towards a Framework for Assessing Computational Competencies for Engineering Undergraduate Students
November 11, 2014 Dan Evon, Director of Contracts & Grants Administration & Stacy Salisbury, Manager of CGA-Awards, Amendments, No-Cost Extensions and Effort Reporting Group Effort Reporting
November 18, 2014 Denis Ulicny Director, Strategic Technology InitiativesInnovation & Technology OfficeDelphi Corporation Megatrends to Company Developments
November 25, 2014 Mary Anne Walker, Director of International Engineering Programs;  Maggie Blair Ramsey, Coordinator - Engineering Study Abroad Program & Bernadette Friedrich, Ph.D., Director of International Career Services International Programs in Engineering: Research Money, Internships, Education, PhD Recruitment
December 2, 2014  

CEER Presenters:

Charles Owen, Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering

Compelling Video for Online and Flipped Classes
December 9, 2014

Anne Plovanich-Jones, Ph.D, Office of the Vice President for Research, Faculty Specialist Grant Writer

(also attending will be several faculty Dr. Plovanich-Jones has assisted in grant preparation)


Grant Writing in a Nutshell