How do I download the VIP mobile phone app to gain quicker access to the EBS financial system?

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As many of you know, Michigan State University added steps to safeguard personal and institutional data by applying a two-factor authentication system. But did you know that there is a VIP mobile phone app that is free, easy and does NOT use an individual’s data plan to provide the six-digit code? The app will display a code without the notification of a text or a phone call. This is a great option for faculty who are traveling internationally but still need access to KC for approving proposals and certifying conflict of interest disclosures.


Once the app is installed on the mobile phone and registered at, the six-digit code appears immediately (changes every 30 seconds) when opened. The VIP app is easy to install and treats each mobile phone or tablet as a unique credential. Please note, if the device is replaced, the new phone or tablet will need to be registered again.  It is strongly recommended that an individual register two or more credentials to ensure access to services.


For more information on MSU’s two-factor authentication and best practices, please visit