How do I add cost share to my proposal?

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Provisions for cost sharing are arranged on an individual proposal basis by the Office of the Associate Dean for Research.

1. If a faculty member is planning to respond to a request for proposals which will require a cost share, he/she should approach his/her department chair before devoting significant time to the development of the proposal in order to discuss the appropriateness of the potential cost share request and to explore what the limits to the amount of possible cost share might be. If the department chair supports this request, he/she should then discuss the request with the Office of the Associate Dean and must be prepared to provide an amount to be negotiated with the Office of the Associate Dean (typically 1/4).
2. Cost share requests should be limited to those that are REQUIRED by the funding agency. Cost shares to "make the proposal look more appealing" or to "offset some of the indirect costs" will not be approved. If a VERY strong case can be made for a cost share that is NOT REQUIRED, the central administration is willing to listen but such requests will only be granted in very rare circumstances.
3. Every effort should be made to maximize the in-kind cost share (Effort, Fringes, Unrecovered indirect costs, Subcontractor contributions, etc.) so that the amount of cash per proposal is minimized, allowing more proposals to be supported throughout the year.
4. All cash cost sharing must be arranged through the Associate Dean's office by email:
See Sponsored Programs Administration Cost Share Policy for details on the different types of cost share and expected use.