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The Son of Grid Engine is a community project to continue Sun's old Grid Engine (a free software project by Sun which has since been shutdown with Oracle's aquisition of Sun). The Son of Grid Engine project seeks to continue the Sun Grid Engine project and to maintain as much of the useful information from Sun's old site as possible. The original copyright to Sun Grid Engine is now owned by Univa, one of a few Grid Engine projects built from Sun's original project. Son of Grid Engine is a grid engine scheduler and can be used to run jobs on multiple machines, selecting the best suited server to run your job as fast as possible. This eliminates the need for you to be concerned with which machine on which to run your job.

How to use

To use Son of Grid EngineĀ first source the environment file:

source $SOFT/grid

To open the GUI interface for submitting, monitoring and managing jobs run qmon:


To submit a job from the command line use qsub:

qsub [options] [command [command_args] | -- [command_args]]

To view the status of a job use the qstat command:


To view the status of the individual hosts in the grid run qhost:


To delete a job use the qdel command and specify a job ID:

qdel [job_id]

To view the usage of any of these commands run man followed by the command:

man [command]

For additional information on usage see the Son of Grid Engine site: