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As you may have heard, there is a major cyberattack affecting several major organizations across the world.  This cyberattack is called Wanna Cry Ransomware. This Ransomware is leveraging a known vulnerability in the Microsoft operating system. There are some reports that the ransomware is being spread by email attachments. The Division of Engineering Computing is taking several steps to help protect you.

What can you do to protect your computer?

  1. Ensure all Windows computers are patched and update to date.
    1. On Windows 10
      1. To check for updates now, select the Start button, and then go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, and select Check for updates. If Windows Update says your device is up to date, you have all the updates that are currently available.
      2. Once the updates are done, you should restart your computer
    2. Windows 7
      1. Click on the Start button, then go to the Control Panel
      2. Click on System and Security
      3. Click on Windows update
      4. Click Check for Updates
      5. Install all Windows updates
      6. After the updates are installed, you may have to restart your computer
  2. Ensure your Symantec Endpoint Protect is update to date.
    1. Open the Symantec Endpoint Protection Client
    2. If the virus definitions are not today’s day, click on the LiveUpdate link.
    3. If you’re unable to update your Symantec Definitions, please contact the DECS Support Office at 353-8891 or at
    4. If you do not have Symantec Endpoint protection installed on your computer, please contact the DECS Support office at
  3. You can help insure the safety of your data by storing all your data our network storage. If you're not aware of our network storage, please contact the DECS Support Office and we can meet with you to discuss your data storage requirements.
  4. Be aware of suspicious attachments or links in emails. If you received an unwarranted or suspicious email, please check with the DECS Support Office before click on the link or opening the attachment.
  5. As always, Please report any suspected malware or suspicious activity to the DECS Support office at or (517)353-8891
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