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DECS has developed and is seeking users to test and submit feedback for a new VPN. This VPN is intended to provide a tunnel to the Engineering network that uses a client built-in to modern operating systems, along with your EGR NetID.

Similar to the Pulse VPN, once the VPN connection is established, users can access resources such as software licenses or network drives (M:, O: or R: drives).

Attached to this article is an .exe file that will install the VPN connection. You will need to run the executable as an Administrator account. Please follow the instructions below after downloading the file to proceed, and contact the DECS Support Office for assistance.

1. Right-click the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator". You can alternatively double-click the file and you will be prompted to run as an administrator.

2. The installer will install required certificates and information to create the VPN connection. When complete you will see a success message as follows:

3. You can now connect to the VPN by clicking on the "EngineeringVPN" connection in the taskbar notification area. Click your network connections icon to find it:

4.Enter your EGR NetID and password in the prompt provided and click OK:

5. Upon successful execution of the above steps, the VPN should be connected and ready to use. You should now be able to directly use Engineering network resources from anywhere your computer has Internet access. You can disconnect from the VPN in the same place you connected:

Please contact DECS Support with any comments or concerns about the use of this VPN.

Download here:
Engineering VPN Installer