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These instructions are for adding the New EGR VPN to a Mac computer. This requires that you have been provided a VPN file by DECS. This file needs to be created on an individual basis and is different than the one hosted on our website. If you need the VPN file then please email us at and we will generate one for you.


Adding the VPN

1. After receiving your VPN file from DECS, download it to your mac computer. The file should look like the below, except your NetID will be in place of "Support". If your file does not appear this way then please contact DECS.

2. Double click the file. This will cause your system to alert you that you need to go to your System Settings to finalize the setup.

3. Open your System Settings and search for Profiles

4. You should see the Engineering VPN listed with your NetID after it. Select the + to add and then select install when it asks to install.


5. In System Settings search for VPN, and then hit the button next to Engineering VPN to start the service.

6. The service will prompt you for your EGR password.

7.  You can confirm your connection by looking for the green timer beneath the VPN.