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OwnCloud is a file collaboration tool provided by DECS to allow groups to exchange files over the Internet without all members having engineering accounts.  OwnCloud provides some of the functionality of DropBox while maintaining your data on EGR servers.  OwnCloud replaces WebFE for file collaboration in the engineering environment.

An  example of OwnCloud's function would be a collaboration effort between engineering users and people without engineering accounts, such as a ME or ECE design team sharing files with their team sponsor, or a piece of collaborative research between a MSU engineering research lab and another university.

DECS OwnCloud instance is located at You will not be able to log in without an account set up by DECS.

OwnCloud accounts are established at the request of the responsible faculty or staff member and are initiated by emailing  A descriptive one word name for the site should accompany the request.

To learn more about OwnCloud, visit the OwnCloud site at