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Any user who stores data/files on the M: drive or research space can access snapshots to recover older versions of files (for example, files that have been accidentally changed or deleted) without system administrator intervention. This feature is available for both UNIX and Windows users. The following procedure is for Windows users.

The most recent backup copy has the lowest value (i.e. hourly.0 is the most recent, and hourly.79 is the oldest). This is also true for nightly and weekly snapshots. The default timestamp, "Date Modified," information in Windows is useless and incorrect for snapshots. Enable the "Date Accessed" column in Details view to see the timestamp of each snapshot's creation.

To restore files from the M: Drive, O: Drive, or R: Drive

  1. Open the location files need to be recovered from.
  2. Right click in the empty space next to your folders. Move down to Properties.
  3. Click on the Previous Versions tab at the top.
  4. Choose the folder closest to when you deleted the files. You should then be able to copy them back to the appropriate location.