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These instructions are meant for students, faculty and staff with accounts on MSU College of Engineering UNIX systems.

How To Set Up a Home Page on Your Engineering Account via SSH

  • Connect to using an SSH client.

  • Create a sub-directory in your home directory called web by typing the following command into the UNIX command prompt. All of your web content must be stored in this directory.

mkdir ~/web

  • Create a file called index.html in the ~/web directory you just created. This is your personal "home page" from which all other information in your personal pages will be referenced. You can create this file using any text or HTML editor on the system.  You also have the option of creating a blank index.html file by typing the following command into the promt:

           touch ~/web/index.html

  • Set the access permissions on ~/web and ~/web/index.html so that anyone can read them. This can be done from a UNIX command prompt by typing the following command into the prompt. You may need to type this command again when you add information to your web pages.

chmod -R a+rX ~/web

  • Set the access permissions on your home directory so that anyone on the system can view your webpage using the command:

chmod 701 ~/

Your index.html file should be readable at the following URL if placed in the web folder as instructed above:

Please note if your index.html file contains no content, then visiting your site will result in a blank page.  Edit your index.html file to display your desired content.


By default we do not allow scripting languages such as PHP, Python, etc.