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DECS has Analog 8 Video Cameras that are available for checkout.

Who are they for?

The Analog 8 Video Cameras are available to all faculty, staff or students with a valid College of Engineering account number.

Where are the Analog 8 Video Cameras located?

Analog 8 Video Cameras are available for checkout from the DECS Support Office in 1325 Engineering Building.

When can you use the Analog 8 Video Cameras?

The digital video cameras can be used at any time when available. They must be reserved with Faculty/Staff approval by filling out this form.

What are the terms for use?

DECS Analog 8 Video Cameras can be used for a predetermined period of time. This is with the understanding that the account number given will be billed for repair of any damage incurred while in the undersign's possession. Or, if beyond repair or lost, replacement of all damaged materials (including accessories) will be billed to the account number.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for using these cameras.