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Microsoft ended support for the Windows XP Operating System on April 4, 2014.  Beyond this date no additional patches to maintain system security were released by Microsoft for Windows XP. 

Windows XP users should contact the DECS Support Office immediately for help migrating to a newer version of Windows.  If legacy software compatibility with a newer version of Windows is needed, there are many options available that allow software designed for Windows XP to continue to function on a newer platform.  DECS can test the legacy software for compatibility options prior to your migration to ensure a smooth transition.

Windows XP machines that were not updated before April 4th were blocked from the EGR network for the protection of other systems on the network.  If you have an XP machine that you do not plan to upgrade, be aware that you may lose the ability to use the Internet and other network resources from that machine.

Contact the DECS Support Office with any questions regarding this at 353-8891, email or stop by 1325 Engineering Building. The sooner the better!