About Us

Photo of the CVRC buildingMission

A Center of Excellence in the research and design of composite structures for lightweight, durable, and safe vehicles for air, ground, and marine transportation.

Our Strengths

EMPHASIS on composite vehicles and vehicle components.

A NEW PARADIGM for collaboration through a unique global consortium of federal labs, international industrial collaborators, and the premier land-grant university.

DESIGN VALIDATED BY EXPERIMENT by integrating analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches.

AN EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS group with an international reputation.

A WORLD CLASS composite materials research center. www.egr.msu.edu/cmsc 

Photo of inside CVRC building

Our Driving Forces

Fundamental research driven by creative thinking to generate new knowledge and understanding related to thick-section composites for use in vehicles.

Successful transition of new knowledge into product development through intimate collaborations with research organizations and industrial partners.

Innovation begins with research and extends through product qualification. The CVRC aims to unify this often fragmented process through a consortium with industry and research labs that provides:

  • expertise across the spectrum of composite materials and structures
  • representation from researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users
  • technology and knowledge exchange across disciplines and industries
  • international participation to ensure a world-class activity 




CVRC Brochure

For more information, view our latest brochure. (PDF)