ME/ECE 859-Nonlinear Systems and Control, Spring 2014


Instructor: Jongeun Choi, Associate Professor

2459 Engineering Building
East Lansing, MI 48824, Phone: (517)-432-3164 

Email: j c h o i at e g r dot m s u dot e d u


Class schedule: MW(F): 8:55-10:10 am, Room 2320, Engineering Building.

Office hours: MW 10:10-11:55 am, Room 2459 Engineering Building. Extra hours can be arranged by appointments.
Syllabus: pdf file.

Grader: Joonhoo Lee: leejoon8 at egr dot msu dot edu


Course Topics
Introduction to nonlinear phenomena. Second-order systems. Stability of equilibrium points and  Lyapunov stability. Passivity-based control. Input-state and Input-output stability. Special nonlinear forms. Stabilization. Robust stabilization. Tracking. Observers. Regulation via integral control. Applications to electrical and mechanical systems.


Required Textbook
H.K. Khalil, Nonlinear Systems, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall 2002.

Lecture Notes

There will be about 10 homework assignments, which will be posted at least a week before the due date. The lowest one homework grade will be dropped.

Each of students will choose a problem  with some motivation. This will serve as a testbed problem throughout the class. Analysis and synthesis techniques from the class will   be applied to the problem. The abstract, introduction, and  results of the topic will be written in a technical paper format and will be presented in class. See more details in the class syllabus.

All exams are open book and notes.


Homework                                     25%
Exam 1                                           25%
Exam 2                                           25%
Project                                            25%
Total                                             100%