ME/ECE 859-Nonlinear Systems and Control, Spring 2010


Instructor: Jongeun Choi, Assisntant Professor

2459 Engineering Building
East Lansing, MI 48824, Phone: (517)-432-3164 

Email: j c h o i at e g r dot m s u dot e d u


Class schedule: MWF: 9:10-10:00, Room 2320, Engineering Building.

Office hours: MWF 10:10-11:00, Room 2459 Engineering Building. Extra hours can be arranged by appointments.
Syllabus: pdf file.

Grader: Shahid Nazrulla (nazrulla at will grade hws.

Course Topics
Introduction to nonlinear phenomena. Second-order systems. Stability of equilibrium points and  Lyapunov stability. Passivity-based control. Input-state and Input-output stability. Special nonlinear forms. Stabilization. Robust stabilization. Tracking. Observers. Regulation via integral control. Applications to electrical and mechanical systems.

Sample course outline and lectures by Prof. Khalil:

Required Textbook
H.K. Khalil, Nonlinear Systems, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall 2002.

Lecture Notes

There will be about 10 homework assignments, which will be posted at least a week before the due date. The lowest one homework grade will be dropped.

Each of students will choose a problem  with some motivation. This will serve as a testbed problem throughout the class. Analysis and synthesis techniques from the class will   be applied to the problem. The abstract, introduction, and  results of the topic will be written in a technical paper format and will be presented in class. See more details in the class syllabus.

All exams are open book and notes.


Homework                                     25%
Exam 1                                           25%
Exam 2                                           25%
Project                                            25%
Total                                             100%