ME456: Mechatronic System Design



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A Design-Intensive, hands-on, course covering emerging mechatronics technology

Mechatronics - The integrated design of products and processes that include mechanical and electrical components under intelligent control.  The underlying products are physical in nature (electromechanical, hydraulic, magnetic, etc).  There are sensors and actuators for interfacing with them.   There is "intelligence" through imbedded computing capability.  All these processes are highly integrated into sophisticated products and processes..

Product and Process Examples:
    Your microwave ovens with keypad input
    Your cell phone
    Your automobile engine
    Your washing machine
    Your "automatic" thermostat
    Many modern cooking stoves
    Your stereo and CD player
        and many others...

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What we'll cover ...


The Virtual Laboratory Experiences:
    Week 1-7 "What's a Microcontroller"
    Week 8-12 "Robotics"
    Week 13-15 "Final Design Project"

This course will include substantial design content and be built around (3) mechatronic modules.  Each module will develop capabilities in sensor, actuators and control.  After each module, students will design their own mechatronic application.

Experiences designing and developing mechatronics systems will use a novel virtual laboratory open 24 hours/ day which will allow students to complete weekly laboratories  on a student's individual schedule.

Weekly Teaching Schedule: 2 scheduled hours lecture, 3 hours virtual laboratory (TBA)
Prerequisite: ME451 Control Systems (or concurrently)
Texts: StampsInClass workbooks - "What's a Microcontroller",  & "Robotics" along with a small parts kit.  All available as a bundle

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