ME 451-Control Systems, Fall 2014


Instructor: Jongeun Choi, Associate Professor

Engineering Building
428 S. Shaw Lane, Room 2459

East Lansing, MI 48824, Phone: (517)-432-3164 

 j c h o i at e g r dot m s u dot e d u

Lecturer: M W F: 11:30AM - 12:20PM , 008 Urban Plan & Land Arch Bldg 

Office hours: M W: 10 - 11AM   2459 Engineering Building

Laboratory Instructor: Jongeun Choi, Associate Professor

Lab website:

Grader for Homework:  

Sina Jahangiri


Other TAs are available during laboratory sessions for students to consult with homework.


Course Description

Mathematical modeling of dynamic systems. Standard feedback control formulation. Transient and sinusoidal steady-state analysis. Time and frequency domain controller synthesis.

Required Textbook
Modern Control Systems, Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. Bishop, Prentice Hall, 12th edition, 2010, ISBN-10: 0-13-602458-0


Handouts and Notes  (will be updated see the date stamp)

Exams and HW Solutions




Math Quiz+Homework                  10%
Exam 1                                           20%
Exam 2                                           20%
Final Exam (comprehensive)            25%
Laboratory work                             25%
Total                                             100%

  1. Homework will be done in one week from the day it is assigned.
  2. laboratory attendance and a minimum of  70% lab grade in the laboratory reports will be required to pass the course.