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Smart Voting Joystick


ECE 480 Team 5

Tyler Dennis, Behdad Rashidian, Joy Yang, Graham Pence, Yangyi Chen



 The MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities requests a voting interface that’s convenient to use for individuals with motor skill disabilities.  This system needs to accommodate the difficulties of a variety of different motor skill disabilities.  It has been determined that the best solution would be an accessible joystick that can be interface with voting software on a secure PC.  Our goal is to create a joystick that allows individuals with motor skill disabilities an efficient, convenient method for voting.


This research was funded through a grant from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF), Accessible Voting Technology Initiative (AVTI) to Michigan State University (ITIF Subgrant No. 2013004; Prime Grant No. EAC110149B – U.S. Election Assistance Commission).

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sarah J. Swierenga, MSU, Usability /Accessibility  Research and Consulting


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