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 George and Vickie Rock Dow Chemical


Two schools near Arusha, Tanzania currently have multi-seat computer systems that require upgrades. A third school is also scheduled to be added to this project.  Michigan State University, along with support from George and Vickie Rock and the Dow Chemical Company, will continue to support this project in May 2010.  The two currently operational systems have 6 sessions running off of a single computer, to save both hardware and power costs.  However, these systems do not automatically associate the keyboards and mice with the proper monitors.  They instead require a manual input that can be executed incorrectly by students with limited computer experience.  The system also periodically crashes when not all of the sessions are in use.  It is the responsibility of Design Team 4 to implement a system to automatically associate a keyboard, mouse and monitor to each user station. Team 4 will also bring the third school online when they travel to Arusha in May 2010.  In addition, Team 4 will implement audio capabilities to each station to further the educational opportunities for the students. 

Time-Sharing Computer System Upgrades Adding Sound Management

MSU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 480

Team 4