Project Overview

satellite link in Baraka
The satellite antenna in front of Baraka Primary School
This project is part of an ongoing project to provide the Internet to Tanzanian schools. There currently are two schools that share a satellite connection. The satellite link is located at a primary school in Baraka, a second school is connected to the network via WiFi, and a third school will be added in May 2010 using WiMAX technology. Since the satellite connection is powered by solar panels, it is desirable for the satellite, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX links to be on only when needed.

Our job is to design a new control system that shuts down the satellite antenna automatically when it is not needed. When the Internet is not in use for some amount of time, the satellite link will shut down. When someone does try to access the Internet, the satellite link will power up again. Also, the satellite link will shut down when the battery power drops to 40% of the maximum capacity.