ECE 480 Spring 09 Team 3

Project Summary

        An emerging trend in modern households is to have a centralized control panel to control all functions within the home, such as climate control, security, and lighting. While such control panels aren't commonplace yet, they may become the standard in the future. Texas Instruments has commissioned us to develop a demonstration to show that their OMAP3 series processors are a capable and cost-effective platform on which to run such control panels. This demonstration will allow the user to manipulate a fully interactive display which gives data on the household's status, controls devices such as a programmable thermostat, and even use a video camera to converse with a visitor at the front door.

        Our task is to design and create a powerful and friendly interface that allows the user to fully explore various functionalities of Texas Instruments' OMAP3 series processor and also control the HVAC automatically according to the external weather conditions. In order to do this, we will be developing our product on a platform called the Beagle Board. With the great expandability and versatility of the Beagle Board and OMAP3 processor, we will be able to interface many external devices and create a system that is capable of collecting, processing, displaying, and controlling all of the information at your fingertips just with a touch of a button.

Connect to Your House Anywhere, Anytime

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Fast Diagram

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