Team 6: Expandable Computer Power Storage System

RCPD Asian Aid

Project Overview

India's power grid is archaic, and poorly maintained. Power outages due to high energy demand and broken power lines are common occurrences in India. Since the existing power grid is unreliable at best, there needs to be an external energy supply in order to make the system completely independent from the power grid. Due to the sunny climate near the school, solar power is a good choice for an alternate energy source.

Steven Blosser from the RCPD has proposed the challenge to design an expandable power supply for a laptop computer lab that will use solar power to keep a battery bank charged in order to supply power to as many as 30 laptops. After designing the system, the team's solution will be able to power two laptops for eight hours and able to charge the deep cycle batteries using solar power.

Team members (from left to right): Tim Wang, Alan Everdeen, Leon Liang, Tommy MacBeth