ECE480 Capstone Team 4
ECE480 Capstone Team 4
  • project description

    Texas Instruments is planning on introducing a new revision of the DRV8412 which will interface with a motor control card through a DIMM100 slot. The DRV8412 is a dual full bridge pulse-width modulation (PWM) motor driver. The presence of a variety of control cards, driven by a variety of Texas Instruments microcontrollers and digital signal processors, will aid in the introduction of the DRV8412 Revision F to the market.
    The use of high-end MSP430s, a family of low-power mixed-signal 16-bit microcontrollers, and C2000s, a family of high performance 32-bit microprocessors, to drive a DC motor allows more for robust control of motor speed and torque, in the presence of dynamic loads. Currently, Texas Instruments has a designed a C2000 control card with software-implemented motor control; our design team has been tasked with the design and fabrication of a MSP430 control card. This MSP430 control card must exactly meet the specifications of the C2000 control card.

  • proposal presentation

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