Welcome to ChEMS Graduate Students Association

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Our mission is to: Provide CHEMS graduate students with opportunities for fellowship,professional development, and community outreach. 

GSA Executive Board

President - Bill Killian

Vice President - Trey Wright

Treasurer - Kevin Chen

Secretary - Sabyasachi Das

WebmasterChristine James

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Jason Nicholas

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Scott Barton


Recent Publications:

Toughening of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy polymer composites utilizing fiber surface treatment and sizing

Markus A. Downey, Lawrence T. Drzal

Micron and nanostructured rubber toughened proxy: A direct comparison of mechanical, thermomechanical and fracture properties

Nicholas T. Kamar, Lawrence T. Drzal


Interlaminar reinforcement of glass fiber/epoxy composites with graphene nanoplatelets

Nicholas T. Kamar, Mohammad Mynul Hossain, Anton Khomenko, Mahmood Haq, Lawrence T. Drzal, Alfred Loos



  • Weekly social hours are held on the first friday of every month at 6:00, see events and the calender for locations.
  • Please send in your work to be dispalyed on the homepage. 

Upcoming Events: 

Lunar New Year: 1/27/17 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm in room 3405AB in the Engineering Building