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Housing Resources

Spartan Village:

Many of the international student, both masters and doctoral student live at Spartan Village. The advantages the students have sited are the close proximity to campus (good bus service), everything is included in the price (electricity, heat, internet) and the apartments are fully furnished. There is a community center that includes a gym. In addition, there are a lot of graduate students living at Spartan Village, so you can get to know a lot of people. The arrangements for rental can be done by e-mail/internet and the rental rates are listed on the site above.

Cedar Village:

Cedar Village is also very close to campus. These apartments are furnished but it is a little more expensive than Spartan Village. DTN management owns many of the nearby apartment complexesit has a reputation for being fairly expensive, but quite nice.

MSU Off Campus Housing:

This website may be helpful for seeing all of the different apartment complexes available in the area. Beware, this site will most likely only have large complexes that typically cater to undergraduate students. These apartments may not be the cheapest available, but they will be well organized.

CraigslistLansing, Housing:

Many (non-first year) graduate students go to to find cheaper housing options or to look for a house to rent rather than an apartment. There are lots of listings available. Students who live in/near East Lansing have a big advantage as they are able to visit the house/apartment before signing a lease.