Graduate Students

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Name Program Degree E-mail
Alhaj, Mo MSE PHD alhajmoh at
Bambhania, Harshal ChE PHD bambhani at
Basu, Sankhadeep ChE PHD basusank at
Bates, Matthew ChE PHD batesma7 at
Calderon Cueva, Mario MSE PHD calder60 at
Chanakian, Sevan MSE PHD chanakia at
Chavan, Kanchan ChE PHD chavanka at
Chen, Kevin ChE PHD chenkev6 at
Dai, Jin MSE PHD daijin2 at
Das, Sabyasachi ChE PHD dassabya at
DeJonge, Danielle MSE PHD dejong21 at
Dhawan, Manali ChE PHD dhawanma at
Han, Songyang MSE PHD hansong7 at
Hernández Escobar, David MSE PHD herna437 at
Herrera, Christopher MSE PHD herre108 at
Hu, Genzhi MSE PHD hugenzhi at
Johnson, Tyler MSE PHD john4369 at
Kasad, Meheryar ChE PHD kasadmeh at
Killian, William ChE PHD killianw at
Kilvington, Alice ChE PHD kilving3 at
King, Isaac MSE PHD kingisa1 at
Kulkarni, Apoorva MSE PHD kulkar75 at
Kumari, Geeta MSE PHD kumarige at
Kumbhar, Gouree Vijaykumar ChE PHD kumbharg at
Laboe, Maryann ChE MS laboemar at
Lawson, Harrison ChE PHD lawsonh3 at
Li, Junchao MSE PHD lijuncha at
Lu, Xing MSE PHD luxing1 at
Ma, Yuxi MSE PHD mayuxi at
Maldonado, Vanessa ChE PHD maldon76 at
Maldonado-Pereira, Lisaura ChE PHD maldon60 at
Malik, Affan ChE PHD malikaff at
Marsh, Adam MSE PHD marshad1 at
Melton, Matthew MSE PHD meltonm4 at
Meng, Han MSE PHD menghan1 at
Mirabal, Alex ChE PHD Mirabala at
Mtemeri, Lincoln MSE PHD mtemeril at
Oak, Amrita ChE PHD oakamrit at
Okeke, Uchechi MSE PHD okekeuch at
Pai Kulyadi, Eureka MSE PHD paikuly1 at
Pajares Chamorro, Natalia MSE PHD pajaresc at
Park, Jiyun MSE PHD jpark at
Patil, Aditya ChE PHD patiladi at
Peng, Wanyue MSE PHD pengwany at
Phukan, Harsha MSE PHD phukanha at
Qu, Danqi MSE PHD qudanqi at
Rafat, Neda ChE PHD rafatned at
Rogien, Alexis MSE PHD rogienal at
Sasthan Kuttipillai, Padmanaban ChE PHD sasthank at
Splichal, Chauncey ChE PHD splichal at
Stitt, Erik MSE PHD stitteri at
Su, Yang MSE PHD suyang at
Tian, Hong-Kang ChE PHD tianhon2 at
Vocelle, Daniel ChE PHD vocelled at
Wang, Mingmin MSE PHD wangmi22 at
Wang, Ziwei ChE PHD wangziw9 at
Yu, Zeyang ChE PHD yuzeyang at
Zhou, Quan MSE MS zhouqua3 at