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Faculty in the CEE department are intensively involved in funded research which develops and extends technical knowledge and provides research experiences for both graduate and undergraduate students. In fiscal year 2014-15, our total funded research expenditures exceeded $7 million.

Civil Infrastructure Lab

In the built environment, our research focuses on structural engineering, mechanics and materials, and transportation infrastructure systems.PHOTO Structural Fire Testing and Design equipment

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Burgueno research group

Roozbeh Dargazany - High Performance Materials Group

Mahmoodul Haq - Composite Vehicle Research Laboratory

Venkatesh Kodur - Structural Fire Testing and Design

Parviz Soroushian - Composite Materals & Structures Center


Environmental Research - Dr. CupplesIn the natural environment, our research encompasses studies in environmental microbiology, biological processes, environmental chemistry, physical-chemical processes and sustainability.

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Anctil group

Syed Hashsham - Institute for Integrative Toxicology

Sharlissa Moore - Energy Policy

 Tarabara Research Group

Tom Voice - Institute for Integrative Toxicology

Sensor towed behind boat.At the interface of the built and natural environments, our research focuses on hydrology and water resources, and geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

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Phanikumar Mantha - Computational Hydrology

Yadu Pokhrel - Multi-scale Hydrological Modeling