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Tuition Costs

Tuition rates for the following academic year are normally established in the spring or early summer. Tuition rates can be found here. Note that "in-state" rates apply to long-term Michigan residents, while those from other states and international students are assessed "out-of-state" rates. International students must normally carry academic loads of 9 credits or more to maintain their visa status as full time students, regardless of their program requirements. The typical MS program requires 2 academic years (Fall and Spring semesters) to complete. Students involved in research may also choose to be in-residence during the Summer semester, but there is no minimum enrollment requirement for this period.

Housing Costs

A variety of on-campus housing options are available including a graduate dormitory (Owen Hall) and apartments (University Village Apartments and Spartan Village Apartments). Current rates can be found at Off-campus housing (non-University) is also widely available. The University also provides information on off-campus housing.

Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance and they will be automatically enrolled in the student insurance system and cost added to their tuition bill (see

Other Expenses

Most apartments include cooking facilities, and the University offers a variety of meal plans where students can eat in dormitories and other facilities (see The University is served by a bus service that includes both campus and the greater Lansing metropolitan area and students can either purchase a bus pass or pay by the trip ( Some students find it convenient to purchase an automobile. Textbooks are relatively expensive in the U.S. but costs are variable and hard to estimate.

International Students

International student applicants must provide financial proof of ability to support themselves for the first academic year. Instructions and additional information can be found here (.pdf). 

Financial Support

All applicants are considered for financial support as a part of the admission review process. Those awarded financial support will receive an admission letter that specifies the amount of the award. The following types of support are available:

Teaching Assistantships (TAs) – The Department awards TA position to incoming students based on their previous academic training and performance, and the needs of the Department. International students must successfully pass the SPEAK test to hold a TA position and applicants are strongly encouraged to the take the test in their country prior to application if it is available. TA positions are normally filled from the Fall semester enrollment pool of applicants.

Research Assistantships (RAs) – Individual faculty members identify candidates for research assistant positions on their projects from the applications submitted based on their current needs and the background of the applicant. If you are interested in working with a particular faculty member, you are encouraged to contact them directly. Faculty list.

Student Employment – There may also be opportunities for students to work as student employees within the CEE department on an hourly basis as graders, laboratory or office assistants, and a variety of other jobs, as well as in other University positions. These jobs are normally advertised and students can apply for them after arrival at MSU.

Fellowships – Applicants are also considered for University, College and Department fellowships as a part of the application review process. In addition, fellowships are awarded to current students on the basis of academic performance.

External sources of financial aid – Students in need of financial aid are encourage to pursue external sources including scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs. The CEE department does not coordinate these types of funding, but will support students considering these sources with supporting letters and certifications.